During the late 1700′s William Hiram Slone (Son of James Slone and Sarah McGuire) and Mary Alice Sizemore came into Southeastern Kentucky from Virginia. Mary already had two sons when she married William; Shadrack (Hall) Slone - born around 1788, and Isom (Adkins) Slone – born around 1792 or 1795 (In many records Isom’s name was recorded as “Isham”). Shadrack and Isom took on “Slone” as their last name and raised their children as Slones. William and Mary had three children together; Hiram Slone – born around 1797, and Polly and Judy Slone.

Today there are still quite a lot of Slones in Knott, Floyd and other southeastern Kentucky counties. In the 1950′s and 1960′s many of them and their descendants moved into Ohio in search of jobs.

This website has been setup as a means for these folks to keep in touch, share photos, genealogy, and more. In addition to photos of Slone family members and friends you will also find pictures of interesting places in Kentucky where our forefathers lived, worked, played and loved.

The photographs on this site have been cropped so they will fit into the pages. I plan to make CDs available with the full size, higher resolution images very soon. Names and information are meant to be as accurate as possible. If you find any errors or have any suggestions at all of ways that this site could be improved do not hesitate to contact me.

Special Thanks goes to Judy (Slone) McNeese and Edie Moore for providing many of the photographs and a lot of helpful information.